The artwork is primarily in game art. None of it is my own. The Daphne logo is from their site. The Dragon’s Lair 3D shortcut is from Don Bluth’s drawings and an original 3d sculpt (author?). I do not know the author of the 3d sculpt but would be glad to credit them or remove that icon. It does not represent my work. The sounds are from Dragon’s Lair/Williams Defender.

This is a simple frontend for a MAME/Daphne cabinet for use with desktopX ( The desktop shortcuts need to be designated as shortcuts and targeted to the appropriate programs or folders. In my version of the Daphne cabinet, I used Virtual Drive to download all the DVD roms to the hard drive so I would not need to switch DVD’s constantly. “Dragon’s Lair 3D” is in the actual DVD drive.

The desktop includes the desktop, the animated icons, and the clock.

Shortcuts are as follows:

MAME- to MAME 32

Daphne- to Daphne

DVD Icon to a folder containing shortcuts to each virtual drive
DVD versions include: Dragon’s Lair
Dragon’s Lair 2: Time Warp
Space Ace
Thayer’s Quest (Reaches of the Far Kingdom)

3D icon to Dragon’s Lair 3D.

Much of this is explained under the TRON frontend. Feel free to email me with questions/problems at


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