The Front End

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The engine for the multicab is nearing completion. The front end is done. This is a simple
animated interface built with DesktopX (you will have to download DesktopX at

When the mouse moves over a category, it animates and a plays a
signature sound. Each of these animated objects is a shortcut to a folder in the c drive.
Each folder contains a set of shortcuts to the various TRON programs. For instance, the
"Modern Tron" object shortcuts to a folder which contains shortcuts to
UTRON and Tron2.0. Simply left click the desktop object to display a popup menu of all games
of that type. Also included is an animated bit cursor and some custom icons. All desktop
icons can be hidden with desktopX giving the screen an arcade look. The only two icons left
on my desktop are shortcuts to DesktopX and a shortcut to play the movie on DVD. The games
all run from the c drive, except TRON 2.0 which must be present in the CD drive to run.

The download includes the TRON desktopx theme, a main folder and empty subfolders for shortcuts,
(this should be placed directly into drive C), extra objects (a different shortcut object and mp3
player adapted directly from the one on the desktopx website), this readme, and an animated
bit cursor. The tron fonts and icons are from various webthemes ("Tron Walks" primarily).

The multicab thus far houses the following games:

Modern: TRON 2.0

Console: Atari ROMS- PCAtari
Adventures of TRON
Deadly Discs

Intellivision- "Intellivision Lives"
Deadly Discs
Solar Sailor

Tomy handheld emulator
Deadly Discs PC remake

Arcade: MAME
Discs of Tron

Space Paranoids 2 versions
Grid Tanks
Discs of TROFF

Cycles: GLTron
Cycles 3D
Gamegrid Champions
Sonic Speedsters


The background is a wallpaper from the UTRON project.
The large 4 part disc is adapted from an image from Aurics TRON Sector (David Hernly).
Modern Tron is from TRON 2.0
Light cycle is from a prj set online (author?)
Television is a captured image from a Harvard filmfest (original site gone, author?).
ModernTron2 object is from the Discs of TRON flyer.
Tron mp3 is a minimally reskinned SilverIce MP3 player for DesktopX, by Martin Conroy with graphics by Alex G.
Sounds are from TRON, TRON 2.0, TRON arcade, and Intellivision Discs of TRON.

This is a shareware download. Not to be sold for profit.

© Rogue Synapse