This site is intended as a resource for like minded collector's and hobbyists.
Our hope is to complete a series of unique cabinets complete with software that encompass some of the arcade machines seen in movies that were never actually put into production.
In addition, we have been working on a number of multi-cabs (MAME) with artwork and schematics where appropriate. In terms of the film translations, we are hoping to build

  • "Space Paranoids" from TRON
  • "Starfighter" from "The Last Starfighter"
  • "Graboid" from "Tremors" 2, 3, and the series

"Space Paranoids" is actually done and available for download as is the accompanying sideart/marquee/CPO. The cabinet should hopefully be finished over the next month or so.

Some rough demos of our other projects are available for your perusal. Specialty cabinets include

  • "Samba Mi Amigo" done using a Dreamcast and Sega Saturn store display
  • A "Steel Battalion" buildup
  • A Daphne/Don Bluth LD cabinet.

Miscellaneous artwork, cabinet photos, and other related materials may be found on their respective pages.

Much of the material on this site is copyrighted. The materials are for personal use and are not to be used for profit. We would ask that you endorse this site (if you like it) by supporting the companies on which the cabinets are based (Disney, Universal, Dragon's Lair official software, etc).

If you decide to use this material on your website or link to us, please let us know. We have made a number of contacts through arcade and prop collecting and it is our hope that some folks will find the shareware entertaining as well as interesting to the hobbyist programmer in all of us. If you do anything cool with the material or info on the site, let us know.

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