Space Paranoids Deluxe!!

Kudos to the Developers of Space Paranoids at this year's ComicCon. Ours may be the first recreation but maybe no longer the best recreation. The cabinets had beautiful design and artwork. They were based on joystick tank control and trackball based turret. The graphics were superb (with properly textured Recognizers in contrast to ours). The game was maze-based and involved capturing ammo to knock out the Recognizers. Explosions were well done and movie-accurate and the Recognizers folded their legs to capture. Overall beautifully done. I managed to get through 2 levels but FLN's littered the hiscore table well above my score (meteoricaly so). Definitely the coolest thing at the con this year. I certainly hope the developers will make the software/artwork available for a build. Our original Space Paranoids has a "Deluxe" toggle to make all graphics/etc. read "Space Paranoids Deluxe." This was a prospective design feature with the idea of going back and creating a simpler more movie accurate version when modelling, programming skills, and time permitted. Hopefully no need now.

Of note, Star Trek Simulator coming along nicely (Tholian web level, Romulan level underway). Also, look for a Computer Space screensaver/clock very soon.


We've become aware of a bug related to Windows Vista when using our games. It appears that a few various DLL files are required by our games that are not included with Vista. If you are running into this issue the fix is simply a matter of downloading the missing DLL file from Microsoft's website and placing it in the same folder as the games executable file. For instance it appears The Last Starfighter requires d3drm.dll so you would download d3drm.dll from Microsoft and place it in the same folder as the executable.


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